Sunday, March 13, 2011

Preparing My Commitment

I have always wanted a nice lean muscled body to show off.  The thing is I'm always thin and an athlete.  So, no complaints there but I want more.  I want to feel good about myself and people make notice how fit I am.  I've played all kinds of sports and always want to do more, but no time because I work.  I work night shifts, so my available time is in the mornings and early afternoons.

I have done weight lifting, some dvd workout programs, running to stay fit.  I've tried all kinds of drinks and gimmicks to build muscles, but never succeeded.  I never understood why until I found this book call "The Body Sculpting Bible for Women".  Here I am reading and realizing how little I knew about how strict time consuming with eating and working out.

I will have lean muscles.  I will make this work.  So, I'm studying and preparing for next week to start seriously and strictly eat and workout at a certain time to be sure I build lean muscles.